Monday, August 23, 2010

The theme for the meeting was “Independence”, which was very relevant, considering Indonesian Independence Day was the day before. The meeting was hosted by none other than our very own club president, CC Rina. She emphasized the importance of independence not only on a macro level, but also on a micro level in our personal day to day lives.

The arrangement of the meeting was different than usual, with a prepared speech first. TM Zenny opened with her 2nd Basic Manual Project (Organize Your Speech) titled “Finding a Soulmate”. Her speech was both entertaining and practical. She highlighted both the difficulties and strategies of finding a soulmate and provided 5 practical steps to achieving this goal. She was evaluated by our Division G Governor, ACG ALB David.

The table topics session followed, which was conducted by CC CL Rama. It was very entertaining and put a different twist on the standard impromptu speeches. Speakers were put into different challenging situations and had to use their quick thinking and speaking skills to turn an obstacle into a win. The situations ranged from coming home late to an angry wife to expressing your love to a stranger in the vegetable section of a supermarket.

The second and final prepared speech for the evening came from TM Andi, our VP of Membership. He was also working on his 2nd Basic Manual Project (Organize Your Speech). His speech was titled “Scars”. He shared how life sometimes teaches us lessons which aren’t really fair and they leave scars. He illustrated his point by telling us about a serious motorcycle accident he was in which left him with … scars!. He was evaluated by CC Jessica, our VP of Education.

The position for best Table Topics speaker for the evening was shared between ACG CL Boon and ACG ALB David. The best evaluator was ACG ALB David. Finally, the person who won the most coveted award of the evening, the best prepared speaker, was TM Andi.

Overall, it was a fun and memorable meeting.


On the 21July 2010, we had meeting in our usual venue, Kemiri Resto, jalan Embong Kemiri 4, Surabaya. The topic of the day was “INSPIRATION”. As to inspire everyone in the house, the impromptu table topic session was led by David Pranata ALB ACB with his various topics to inspire others.

Participating Toastmasters are required to inspire the audience to do many things, like spending more time with their family or to exercise more. As it happens, later that day, the award for best table topic speaker fell to the hands of our own Rama Tidball and a guest, Tim Arwine.
Moving on to the best part of the day, the prepared speech session featured two speakers, TM Liestya and TM Andi. TM Liestya as the first speaker presents her 5th Basic Manual project and TM Andi with his first project, the Ice Breaker. The later was awarded with the best speaker award by the end of the meeting.

Lastly, after a generous dose of food and drinks, the Toastmasters meeting was happily closed. We had plenty of fun that night, and we hope to repeat the fun in the following meeting, August the 4th, 2010! Feel free to join us there! ^^